Downpayment Assistance Loan Program (DALP) –
City & County of San Francisco
舊金山市和縣 首期貸款援助計劃

The City & County of San Francisco's Downpayment Assistance Loan Program (DALP) is a deferred loan that requires no monthly payments.
You pay the loan back at the end of 30-year term, or when you move or transfer the property.

Program Description

Program Description

Application Deadline

The next application period will begin in early 2020

下一輪開放申請時間預計在 2020 年初

Upcoming First-Time Homebuyer Workshops
即將舉行的 首次購屋者 教育及證書 班

  • July 21, 2019 (Sun) 11:00 am - 5:00 pm 6 hours
    三藩市首次購屋者教育及證書班(粵語) San Francisco First-Time Homebuyer Education & Certification Workshop (Cantonese)
    1167 Mission Street, 2nd Floor, San Francisco, CA 94103 Map

    San Francisco First-Time Homebuyer Education & Certification Workshop (Cantonese)

    ASIAN, Inc provides workshops design to guide you in understanding the concepts and procedures in buying your first home.

    A Homebuyer Education Certificate will be given to those that completed the workshop and one-on-one counseling. All government assistance programs, community loan products, or BMR applicants will be required to earn a certificate in homebuyer education before submit the application.

    •Steps involve in Homeownership
    •Basis for mortgage qualification
    •Housing selection
    •Closing process
    •Government Assistance Loan Programs

    三藩市首次購屋者教育及證書班 (粵語)


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