MBDA Business Centers

Increasing Access to Capital and Contracts by Minority Businesses

ASIAN, Inc. is the operator of Minority Business Centers on behalf of the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA). Since 2007, the MBDA Business Centers (MBCs) in San Francisco, San Jose and Fresno have led to the creation and/or retention of over 4,000 jobs. This was achieved by helping our hundreds of clients obtain over $1.1 billion in contracts and capital in 2016 alone.

The MBCs provide a comprehensive array of effective business growth and development services that result in long-term, sustainable growth for our minority business enterprise clients.

Our Centers’ primary objective is to assist the integration and participation of minority-owned firms into the nation’s business community. This task requires capacities beyond any single organization, so our Centers have established a private/public, multi-industry-sector network of buyers, suppliers and service providers that has generated a holistic, added-value business service to partners, clients and the regional and national economies. The Centers’ multi-regional scope increases the potential opportunities for businesses in diverse business sectors.