With 15 years of successful first-time homebuyer counseling and over a half decade of counseling distressed homeowners to its credit, ASIAN, Inc. is now moving to broaden its services to help clients achieve the financial security required for them to fulfill the needs of not just housing, but also of other hallmarks of economic stability — food, utilities, insurance, education and asset building, just to name a few. As we are all aware, the current economic growth cycle has not raised all the boats in the harbor.

The primary purpose of the program is to provide low- to moderate-income (LMI), and frequently Limited English Proficient (LEP), clients (and especially undocumented immigrants who fall into either or both of these categories) with the tools they need to assess their current economic circumstances and to make sound financial decisions that will result in measurable improvements in their material conditions and level of economic security. Clients will receive modest financial incentives for their participation and progress. As part of the project, we will engage with other local and regional community-based organizations as part of our outreach efforts.