ADU Incentives Pilot Program -
San Francisco District 4 (Sunset)

加建合法附屬住宅單位獎勵計劃 –

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ADU Incentives Pilot Program

加建合法附屬住宅單位 ADU 獎勵試點計劃

San Francisco District 4 Supervisor Gordon Mar, the San Francisco Planning Department, and ASIAN, Inc. have partnered to carry out an ADU Incentives Pilot Program in the Sunset District. Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), also called secondary units, in‑law units, or cottages, are units added to existing residential buildings. The goal of this program is to assess the potential for ADUs to serve as a stable, affordable source of housing in San Francisco. District 4 property owners interested in adding an ADU are encouraged to apply for technical assistance through this pilot program. Qualified applicants will receive a professional assessment of the potential to add an ADU on their property, at no cost.

舊金山第四區市參事馬兆明、舊金山規劃局和美亞輔鄰社合作在日落區開展加建合法附屬住宅單位 ADU 獎勵試點計劃。加建合法附屬住宅單位(ADUs)是在現有建築物上新增一個居住單位,也可被稱為第二住屋單位、姻親單位或小屋。該計劃旨在通過評估加建合法附屬住宅單位(ADUs)的潛力,為舊金山提供穩定的、可負擔的住房資源。我們鼓勵有興趣加建合法附屬住宅單位 ADU 的第四區房主通過此試點計劃獲得技術幫助。符合資格的申請者可以免費獲得專業的評估來得知該房屋加建附屬住宅單位 ADU 的潛力。

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Am I Eligible to Take Part in this Pilot Project?


If you are a homeowner in District 4, and are interested in constructing an ADU on your property, please apply. Not sure if your property is located in District 4? Take a look at this map or enter your address in the Property Information Map and check which Supervisor District your property is in. Due to limited funding, not all applicants will be selected for the pilot program. However, data collected from this pilot program will be used to design a citywide, comprehensive ADU incentives program in the near future.

如果您是第四區的房主,並且有興趣在您的物業上加建合法附屬住宅單位 ADU ,請提交申請。不確定您的物業是否位於第4區?查看此地圖或在物業信息地圖中輸入您的地址,然後檢查您的物業所在的市參事區。由於資金有限,並非所有申請人都將被選入該試點計劃。但是,從該試點計劃收集的數據將在不久的將來用於設計全市範圍內的綜合性 ADU 獎勵計劃。

How do I Apply to Take Part in the ADU Incentives Pilot Program?

我如何申請參加加建附屬住宅單位 ADU 獎勵試點計劃?

Please fill out the application here: Please note that not all applicants will be eligible to participate, and approval is not guaranteed. Only a certain number of applicants will be selected, but all District 4 households are encouraged to apply. Candidates who are approved will receive technical assistance and the planning tools for pre‑construction only.


11/25/2020 – Please note that the San Francisco Planning Department is experiencing a delay and ASIAN, Inc. is waiting to receive more information to update pending applicants with next steps. If you have already submitted an application, you will be notified as soon as possible. We still encourage interested participants to apply to the program, as their applications will still be received. ASIAN, Inc. appreciates everyone’s patience during this time and apologizes for any inconveniences this may have caused.

2020 年 11 月 25 日 – 由於三藩市規劃部辦公進程有延誤,美亞輔鄰社正在等待更多資訊更新。一旦我們收到最消息,定會及時通知等候中的申請者,敬請留意。如果您已經提交申請表,我們將會儘快通知您。此計劃的申請仍然開放中,我們鼓勵對此計劃有興趣的申請者積極遞交申請表。美亞輔鄰社衷心感謝您這段時間以來的耐心。如果此變動給您帶來任何不便,我們深表歉意。

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