SBA is Rolling Out the Restaurant Revitalization Fund

美國小企業管理局(SBA)將於推出 “餐廳振興基金”

SBA will be rolling out the Restaurant Revitalization funds on May 3rd and they will start the registration process on their portal on April 30th.
Please contact us with any questions.
(415) 928-5910

SBA 將於 5 月 3 日推出 “餐廳振興基金”。他們將於 4 月 30 日開放註冊。
(415) 928-5910

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Our Services

For over 40 years, ASIAN, Inc. has worked to support its service community and the community at large by delivering core services in small business assistance, minority business development, supplier diversity and certifications to promote economic development on a broad scale.

Current and past programs include:

  • Operation, at the behest of the U.S. Department of Commerce's Minority Business Development Agency, MBDA Business Centers in San Francisco, San Jose and Fresno, which have provided minority businesses with technical assistance, including certification, marketing, finance and procurement.
  • Co-administration of City College of San Francisco's Small Business Recruitment and Compliance Program, which encourages small and local business participation in the College's ongoing construction program.
  • Request for Bids, an online service that links contractors and others with ongoing procurement opportunities in construction and related areas.
  • Minority- and woman-owned business certification services.