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Check out the Stop the Hate resources provided from our team. 

Self-Defense Videos

Check out these insightful self-defense technique videos from Asians are Strong.

Self-defense On Public Transportation

Scenario: You are standing on public transportation and someone attacks you. What do you do?

How to use pepper spray

How to use pepper spray. Pepper spray is one of the most popular and recommended self-defense tools. So we want to offer you our top 5 tips on how to use pepper spray properly.

What to do if someone tries to choke you with a belt from behind?

Scenario: If someone sneaks up behind you and uses a belt like a noose to choke you unconscious, it's a terrifying and urgent situation. Studies suggest you typically have 8 to 13 seconds before losing consciousness, so immediate action is crucial.

Top 5 Subway Platform Safety Tips

There have been some horrifying incidents of people being pushed onto subway train tracks. It is sad and scary that we have to even make this video. And unfortunately, or fortunately, there is no precedence for this. So, after a lot of our own research, we want to offer you our top 5 safety tips that we think will help you stay safe on subway platforms.


Safety Tips


- DON’T walk alone

- ALWAYS be on alert

- FIND HELP if you think you are being followed

- KNOW where you are



- DETERMINE what level of danger are you in

- DECIDE if walking away or taking any action is better/safer

- DIRECT attention to what is happening using your voice and/or gestures if it’s safe

- DOCUMENT by recording with your phone if it’s safe

- DELEGATE help if possible - Ask them to distract, document, and/or call the proper local authorities

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